Owning a piece of original art can be a rewarding experience for many individuals.  From one-time purchasers to full-time collectors, original art is definitely an accruing investment having a one-time, hand painted uniqueness about it where there are no other works exactly like it.  You can find art that is known as mass-produced, factory painted canvases (sometimes referred to as “Motel-Motif”), where the artwork may be hand painted, but with a repetitive, almost mechanical system and definitely not of the same value.

     Perhaps the main advantage of buying truly original art is the satisfying relationship between you and the artwork itself. That connection to the artwork is unique unto itself developing through the senses; it is your own, your very unique connection. Knowing that your artwork is truly unique and not like any other is the key to enjoying your art as an aesthetic work and as an investment.  It holds its value more than any other type of reproduced, hand-painted art.  If you ever decide to purchase a mass-produced painting, the price should be no more than that of a reproduced print.  

The Art of J. Luis Lozano