Below is some general information.  Please contact us with more specific questions.  See our FAQ’s for more.

A painting is not just a painted canvas, it is an investment in a person, place, or thing. But beyond that, a painting cherishes a moment, an experience … a life.

1. Getting Started – Here are a few general questions to ask yourself before you contact us. Whether you want a large or small, public or private painting, the process is the same.

    • Image Orientation? – Do you want a portrait style (taller than wider) canvas or a landscape style (wider than taller)?
    • How Much Detail? – You can have as many elements or figures as you like. If you require more than one same-size image on a portrait painting, please add 50% to the price. If you require a highly detailed background please add 50% to price.
    • Size of Painting? – If painting is for a specific wall, please measure accordingly to make sure painting will fit prior to placing your order.
    • Will painting be Framed? – Some paintings do not require a frame; this method is called a gallery or museum wrap where the canvas is stretched onto a deeper stretcher bar and the image is painted all around the sides instead of the standard .75″ stretcher bar.
    • What is your Deadline? – Completion of work depends on artist workload so please let us know what your time requirements are. Please add 50% for rush orders. Lozano tries to accommodate rush orders, but please note that even rush orders may have a small waiting list.
    • Do you have photos? – If you are submitting actual photos, please submit good, clear quality images. Your images will be returned, but we do ask that you not send originals just in case of damage from paints or thinners, etc. For emailed photos, please note that computer monitor colors may differ from monitor to monitor and what you see may not be exactly what we see. If you are using professional studio photography or photographs from a studio, please make sure to get written permissions from photographer so as not to have any copyright issues arise. Permissions are required so as to protect the photographers rights and so that Lozano can use the images in marketing literature.

2. Quote for Work

    • The artist will give you a quote for the final agreed upon work(s) to be done. Quote will include an itemized listing of discussed work to be done by artist. All commissions require a 40% deposit for each work to be produced prior to commencing of work. Once your deposit has been received you will be contacted within 48 hours by phone or e-mail to confirm your order as well as to discuss any details or make travel arrangements if necessary. All prices for commissions are exact and are subject to change at artist’s discretion. Lozano wants you to have the opportunity to own a work of your choosing and can make special arrangements for payment to include, full payment, partial with 40% down, and Layaway payment plan. Payment plans considered at Lozano’s discretion and are finalized prior to beginning of work.

3. Deposit & Painting Start

    • Once Lozano has received your written or emailed agreement to begin work, work on your painting will be considered begun and deposit will no longer be refundable. This should be considered a legally binding agreement for services between you, (the client) and Luis Lozano (the artist). If for any reason the work is rejected, no longer wanted by client, not paid for within the agreed upon deadline, or you simply have buyers remorse, the artist reserves the right to sell as is or rework the painting for resale. Technicalities aside, Lozano wants the commission process to be as smooth as possible for you. He guarantees his works 100% so be at ease in your decision to commission a work.

4. Balance Due & Final Payment

    • Once the painting is complete and allowed some drying time (if required) balance is due to the artist and the finished artwork is shipped or delivered to the client.

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Oil on Canvas or Linen

If submitting photos, please send good, clear photos. Submit several photos if unsure about composition. Your photos will be returned, but we prefer copies and not originals.

Price Amounts in U.S. Dollars
Detailed background add 50%.


Regular Stretchers

Gallery Wrap

16″ x 20″



18″ x 24″



22″ x 28″



24″ x 36″



24″ x 48″



30″ x 40″



36″ x 48″



Commissions Requiring Travel

Travel and Sitting Fees:
Travel and lodging expenses arranged in advance. Length of time depends on size of painting.
Sitting Fees are included in initial quote.

Prints and Note Cards are available from your paintings


Price Amounts in U.S. Dollars

Print Size

Art & Photo Paper

Watercolor & Canvas

8″ x 10″



11″ x 14″



12″ x 16″



14″ x 18″



16″ x 20″



16″ x 24″



18″ x 24″



20″ x 24″



22″ x 28″



24″ x 30″



24″ x 36″



24″ x 48″



Framing is available for your commission as well.  We work with local businesses in Lynchburg, VA for all of our framing and Print needs.

We try to answer all possible questions, but if we do not address a particular question, please contact us with any questions you may have.